A specialist marine lifeboat service and repair company based in Singapore

Maker Authorization / Brands

Our engineers are trained to provide inspection and repair services for the following brands of equipments:
(For some of the brands we work jointly with Marland Boat Services)

  1. Lifeboats
    1. Hai Hong Boat Making Co., Ltd
    2. Jiangyin Neptune (Case-by-Case)
    3. Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation
    4. Shigi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
    5. Nishi-F Co., Ltd
    6. Hoei Senpaku Co., Ltd
    7. Jiangyin Xinjiang F.R.P. Co., Ltd
    8. Ishihara Dockyard Co., Ltd
    9. Hyundai Lifeboat Co.Ltd (Case-by-Case)
    10. Fassmer – Marland
    11. Fassmar lifeboat (Case-by-Case)
    12. Beihai Lifeboat ( Case-by-Case)


  2. Lifeboat launching appliances
    1. Oriental Precision & Engineering Co., Ltd
    2. Dong Nam Enterprise / Dong Nam Marine Crane
    3. Wuxi HuaHai Marine Equipment Factory (Case-by-Case)
    4. Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd
    5. IKnow Machinery Co., Ltd (Formerly known as Tsuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd)
    6. Mansei Inc.
    7. Muira Machine Co., Ltd
    8. Fassmer – Marland
    9. Fassmar equipment (Case-by-Case)
    10. Wuxi DongWu Marine Equipment Co. Ltd (Case-by-Case)
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