Repair of lifeboat and davit, renewal of lifting hooks and quick release system


Service / Maintenance of Lifeboats & Launching Appliances


Service / Overhaul of lifeboats and Davit-winches

Testing / Commissioning

Testing & Commissioning of Lifeboats, Rescue Boat and Davits
  • Company Philosophy / Mission

    NORDIC MARINE LIFEBOAT SERVICES LLP (NMLS) is specialized in service/repairs of lifeboats, rescue boats and their launching appliances(davit-winch system). NMLS would always strive to be a competitive lifeboat specialist company that provides value-for-money services to our customers.

  • Certifications

    Certified under BizSafe 4 and is also on the Approved Service Provider lists of Lloyd’s Register (LR) and Det Norsk Veritas ( DNV). Nordic Marine Lifeboat Services would always strive to be a competitive service specialist that provide value-for-money service to customers.

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