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Customer Oriented Solutions For Lifeboat and Launching Appliances Service and Inspection

Nordic Marine Lifeboat Services LLP (Formerly called Nordic Marine (Asia) Lifeboat Services) is a Singapore based company established in 2003 by a group of experienced personnel involved in the service/maintenance/repairs and related engineering services of lifeboats and launching appliances(davit-winch systems).

With BizSafe 3 Certification and is in the process of obtaining BizSafe4, the company offers innovative service solutions in lifeboats launching appliances service, marine lifeboat service/supply, repair and maintenance. Nordic Marine Lifeboat Services is also on the Approved Service Provider lists of Lloyd’s Register (LR) and Det Norsk Veritas (DNV).


Nordic Marine Lifeboat Services; Your Safety Is Our Priority

Lifeboats are the most important safety equipment for ship crews, and personnel working on marine-based structures such as offshore platforms. Nordic Marine Lifeboat Services offers solutions and services that are consistent and compliant with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Under SOLAS and IMO regulations for operational readiness, each lifesaving appliance and lifeboat launching appliances must be in good working order and ready for immediate use at all times when the unit is in operation.

SOLAS has fairly extensive rules and regulations about all aspects of lifesaving equipment including the capacity of lifeboats and lifeboat launching appliances and their service/maintenance/inspection requirements.

Nordic Marine Services understands that the important of ensuring that your Lifeboats and Launching Appliances service and maintenance should be of top priority. At Nordic Marine Lifeboat Services, your safety is our priority.


Our Business, Top Quality Service

NORDIC MARINE LIFEBOAT SERVICES LLP provide qualified service engineers and personnel trained to the highest standards, who are well-experienced. These equipment manufacturers approved and authorized Service Engineers/Technicians have the necessary know-how in service, repairs and maintenance of lifeboats, rescue boats, davit and winches (launching appliances),in compliant with latest SOLAS and IMO regulations.

Our aim is to provide you an extensive line of services that ensure your lifeboats and launching appliances are serviced and maintained to the highest possible standard.

We provide competitive services in the following areas:

  • Service/maintenance of various brands of marine lifeboats including the overhauling of main/on-load release hook mechanism, repair to fiberglass boat hull, servicing of compressed-air system, servicing of sprinkler system, servicing/overhaul of engine and steering gears, etc.
  • Voyage repairs for lifeboats and launching appliances.
  • Testing and commissioning of lifeboats and rescue boats.
  • Technical sales support and service of lifeboats and rescue boats
  • Sales and service of launching appliances for lifeboats and rescue boats.
  • Sales and servicing of offshore survival systems.
  • Hull repairs according to lifeboat manufacturer’s specifications using approved company repair procedures.
  • Hull preservation or refurbishment using approved surface treatment c/w Fire Retardant coating and/or gel-coating systems.
  • Fiberglass hull repair to Class requirements.
  • Engine overhaul, servicing or replacement.
  • Repair, renewal or overhauling of on-load release hooks and quick release systems.
  • Servicing and inspection of hydrostatic units.
  • Servicing of compressed air systems, including refilling of air bottles.
  • Overhauling, servicing and testing of water spray system.
  • Troubleshooting and repairs of electrical system.
  • Overhauling or servicing of hydraulic control systems.
  • Renewal of davit fall wire rope, etc.

Our licensed engineers are trained to provide inspection and repair services for the following brands of equipment:

(For some of the brands we work jointly with Marland Boat Services)

  1. Lifeboats
    1. Hai Hong Boat Making Co., Ltd
    2. Jiangyin Neptune (Case-by-Case)
    3. Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation
    4. Shigi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
    5. Nishi-F Co., Ltd
    6. Hoei Senpaku Co., Ltd
    7. Jiangyin Xinjiang F.R.P. Co., Ltd
    8. Ishihara Dockyard Co., Ltd
    9. Hyundai Lifeboat Co.Ltd (Case-by-Case)
    10. Fassmer – Marland


  2. Lifeboat launching appliances
    1. Oriental Precision & Engineering Co., Ltd
    2. Dong Nam Enterprise / Dong Nam Marine Crane
    3. Wuxi HuaHai Marine Equipment Factory (Case-by-Case)
    4. Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd
    5. IKnow Machinery Co., Ltd (Formerly known as Tsuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd)
    6. Mansei Inc.
    7. Muira Machine Co., Ltd
    8. Fassmer – Marland

We are your reliable partner in Singapore and we aim to provide you with the highest quality service and support for your total satisfaction.

For Inspection, repair and maintenance of your lifeboats and launching appliances, contact us now.